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A#1 Air

As a small-to-medium sized business, A#1 Air needed solid and consistent fleet management support from its third-party suppliers — especially as the fleet and company continue to grow.






reduce maintenance costs by


Lack of Fleet Insights

“The system we had, well, everything was missing. It was 24 hours in the past, so if I wanted to look for data on today I had to wait until the next day. I couldn’t do any maintenance troubleshooting on the vehicles, and I couldn’t set up geofences or track idling. It just wasn’t the right system for what we needed.” 

Ken Kapson, A#1 Air’s

The Fleet Manager’s Sidekick

A#1 air is able to track maintenance troubleshooting, get reminders on scheduled oil change intervals, and other important data for a good preventive maintenance regimen resulting in longer vehicle downtime and a more expensive repair.

“Maintenance costs have definitely reduced now that we’re monitoring our trucks. If we had let those problems go out longer, it could have blown out the exhaust manifold.” 

Ken Kapson, A#1 Air’s

Other helpful features that A#1 Air has found include:

Utilizing the driver scorecard so the company knows who are the 'best and worst' drivers, and in what areas they need more training.

Lowering fuel costs through better routing.

Taking the proof of safe driving to A#1 Air’s auto insurance agency to lower premiums.

Managing accidents and making it easier to follow up with the driver.

The system has greatly reduced the lag time in being able to update customers and keep them in the loop. Before, we would say, well, here’s a 3-hour window of when we’ll arrive, but now that window has greatly decreased. All in all, it just helps me do my job.

Ken Kapson, IT and building manager



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