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Boston Pizza

Boston Pizza is one of the biggest casual dining restaurants in Canada. The location currently using our fleet management system is located in British Columbia.





Protection Against Liability

In the early stages of implementing the system, one of Jim’s drivers was unfortunately in an accident. Many of his drivers are quite young (18-20) and after this young driver was in the accident she immediately blamed the company vehicle. She made claims it was not up to maintenance standards and that it was the brakes not working that caused the crash; she even got her mother involved who of course took her side. Jim was able to pull up the information at the time of the crash and show both the young girl and her mother what the cause was.

“The young girl came back to work crying and her mom also came in. She made false accusations that the brakes didn’t work, the steering wheel locked up and the car spinned right off the road. I was able to pull up the reports and prove the cause of the accident was in fact: harsh cornering and excessive speeds of 30 km over the limit. I went through all the details of what the report said, instantly enabling me to defuse the situation because of the accurate detailed information to go by and it all resulted in no cost to me.”

Jim Mercier, Franchise Owner

Safety & Accountability

One of the bonus elements to the system is the safety features. They are able to identify in real-time when and where an employee has been speeding. This allows him to address the situation immediately when the driver returns to the restaurant.

“With the fast updates I can watch the street and see if one of the drivers is speeding in real-time. I can then deal with that driver right when they come in the door because the map tells you what is going on in real-time; it is like being in the car with them. If they are speeding and it happens multiple times in one shift, I will make them bus tables causing them to lose out on their delivery tips.”

Jim Mercier, Franchise Owner

Tracking Deliveries

Their main goal of installing the system was to streamline deliveries and ensure freshness to the customers, which has been achieved. They have set up the software on a tablet and mounted it right under their delivery computer. This way the person managing deliveries for the day can view both the deliveries being placed by customers and the location of the delivery vehicles simultaneously. 

“Navigating the software is easy, absolutely no issues, it’s very simplified. Someone new can walk right up to the screen and easily figure it out; it’s simple clicks and you can go as deep as you want or look at as little as you need to.”

Jim Mercier, Franchise Owner

Tried out a few systems but once I found this one I stopped looking anywhere else, it gave all the information needed and more. After I got the system, my business began to grow and the volume of our deliveries has doubled! If you spent a day on our delivery line using this system you would have it in your restaurant by tomorrow.

Jim Mercier, Franchise Owner



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