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FMCSA Compliant Electronic Logging Devices

Simplify electronic logging with the Geotab Garmin ELD Bundle — a reliable and user-friendly fleet platform for tracking, managing, and sharing records of duty status (RODS).

Advanced Alerts and Reporting

Alerts for violations and drivers not logged in, automatic duty status changes, and hours of Service reporting

Driver Identification

End-to-end vehicle inspection workflow, driver identification, and user-friendly dashboard

Custom Integrations

Custom Reports and Integrations with
MyGeotab and an open and flexible solution for adding apps or integrating with other systems

Benefits & Integration Capabilities

Utilizing the driver scorecard so the company knows who are the 'best and worst' drivers, and in what areas they need more training.

By messaging a driver from MyGeotab, Fleet Managers can ensure that drivers are practicing safe driving habits. 

Rulesets can be added or removed as regulations develop and change. 

You can easily dispatch routes and stops directly to your drivers. Drivers can update status to notify dispatchers when stops have been completed.

Compatible with both Android and iOS smartphones and tablets.

Tried out a few systems but once I found this one I stopped looking anywhere else, it gave all the information needed and more. After I got the system, my business began to grow and the volume of our deliveries has doubled! If you spent a day on our delivery line using this system you would have it in your restaurant by tomorrow.

Jim Mercier, Franchise Owner


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