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Ensuring Safety

Red Hawk Fire & Security reduced accidents by 80% in the Northwest Region. The company did this by: monitoring risky driver behavior and, taking corrective action on an as-needed basis. Today, the Northwest Region is at, or below, the accident level of the other regions. There are still opportunities to make further improvements, as most of the remaining accidents are with those employees that do not currently have a telematics device installed. Due to the success they have had thus far the company plans to roll out telematics to the rest of their fleet.

Securing Seatbelt 

Red Hawk Fire & Security was also able to improve seatbelt use drastically. The first day the devices were installed showed over 250 incidents where a vehicle was in motion without having the seatbelt fastened. After just 1 week of persistent action all employees were wearing their seatbelt.

Increased Productivity & Unexpected Benefits

Since installing the devices ticket times improved and after a year the company still continues their commitment to working with dispatchers to become more effective. Their fleet manager indicated an unexpected benefit resulting from the system, time sheet reporting. Not only was the company able to cut wasted overhead costs, but also able to target issues surrounding employee honesty and integrity at the workplace.

"Time sheet audits identified employees that were erroneously reporting work done for a full day, when in fact, they were leaving the job site after only a few short hours of work." 

Red Hawk Fire & Security

Trip History

I would highly recommend TKT Fleet Technologies' fleet management technology. The whole point behind telematics is being able to enhance productivity. When we looked at other telematics providers, we found that we would be wasting an average of 15 days a month and spending an additional $1,200 per month on maintaining what we considered to be 'junky equipment'. TKT Fleet Technologies' truly offers a solid solution that just works.

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