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TKT Fleet Technologies


For Every Aspect of Your Growing Fleet

MyGeotab Platform
Cell control
GPS tracking
GPS tracking


Integrate you operating systems for ease of use. Make the data work together and ditch the multiple logins!

Scalable To Your Needs

Scale up or scale down the size of your database of vehicles and pick and choose the functionalities you use!

Instant Notifications

Time is money. Track anything that is relevant to your success. Directly tie wasted time to financial loss to optimize!

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FMCSA Compliant Electronic Logging Devices

Simplify electronic logging with the Geotab Garmin ELD Bundle — a reliable and user-friendly fleet platform for tracking, managing, and sharing records of duty status (RODS).

E-log tablet, electric logging device
Electric Logging Device, ELD, E-log

Advanced Alerts and Reporting

Alerts for violations and drivers not logged in, automatic duty status changes, and hours of Service reporting

Driver Identification

End-to-end vehicle inspection workflow, driver identification, and user-friendly dashboard

Custom Integrations

Custom Reports and Integrations with
MyGeotab and an open and flexible solution for adding apps or integrating with other systems

Fleet Management Software Empowering Business Decisions

See where your vehicles are in near real-time or choose a custom date and look back to see where your fleet has been. Our patented algorithms provide you with accurate, detailed trip information.

GPS tracking and mapping
GPS tracking
Track driving behaviors and reduce speeding.

John Colbert


Increase fleet safety, enable collision avoidance.

Jamie Benson


Asset tracking and theft prevention

Steel Load


camera footage

Brandon Hastings


GPS tracking

Audible Driver Alerts

Real-time audible alerts or verbal coaching for rules-based driver feedback

Tampering Detection

Device tampering/removal detection with date/time/location stamp


Unlimited customer zone importing, editing and creation, and notifications on zone entry/exit

Vehicle Sensors

Vehicle sensors TKT Fleet Technologies

Monitor the activity of your vehicle sensors. Fleet managers can set up custom rules on to monitor vehicle inputs on the map. Vehicle sensor feature include maintenance management, temperature monitoring, driver identification, and more!

Add-Ons & Integrations

Integrate with your favorite apps and platforms for smoother operations. Plug-in your own requirements with our flexible and open API!

Geotab GO with TKT Fleet Technologies

Dispatch, Routing, & Mapping

Easily dispatch routes and stops directly to your drivers. Drivers can update status to notify dispatchers when stops have been completed. Optimize your routing to save fuel and improve ETA, and create custom maps to reflect your operations.

MyGeotab Platform
Routing and dispatching software
Dispatch, Routing & Mapping

Reliable. Scalable. Secure.

Join thousands of world class clients who count on us for reliable top quality services!

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