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Add-Ons For the Sophisticated Fleet


Integrate with your favorite apps and platforms for smoother operations.

Custom Reports

Create custom reports and rules with the data procured through the integration.

Open API

Our open API allows you to add plug-ins and customize the system as needed.

3rd Party Integration

This add-in allows for custom integrations with 3rd party platforms. Custom integrations can also be developed to simplify operations. Our open API allows you to add in different applications and components as needed. Some of our existing integrations include:

Fuel Card Integration

One of several modular apps in the Fleet BI application, Fuel BI offers complete integration of fuel cards and the Geotab platform including security as an add-in or web application. View all of your company’s important fuel KPIs in the dashboard and visualize the transactions on a map. Track down suspicious transactions with over 50 alerts. The system can use over 14 different patterns to match your fuel card to a vehicle so you can continue your fleet operations as normal. It is fully automated and handles all of your daily transactions from your fuel card provider.


Fuel BI supports multiple fuel card providers and accounts on a single customer account in Fuel BI. Getting started is as easy as signing an authorization form. We currently support:





Voyager/US Bank


Fleet One


Fuel Cards
ZenduMaintenance CMMS
Dickey John
Maps BI

GPS tracking

Reliable. Scalable. Secure.

Join thousands of world class clients who count on us for reliable top quality services!

Smart One Asset Tacking

The SmartOne Solar is the next generation of asset tracking. While operating on one of the most modern and fastest satellite networks in the world and powered by the sun, this IoT device provides excellent remote monitoring and tracking capabilities. The SmartOne Solar’s NiMH rechargeable batteries deliver up to 10 years of usable service, drastically reducing maintenance time and cost of labour and parts. It lets users intelligently configure reporting times and intervals for custom information delivery. The SmartOne Solar has unparalleled safety/device certifications including ATEX Class I Zone 0: Division 1, CSA22.2, UL60079-0, IP69K, HERO certifications, and others to meet the needs of every application.

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