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Compliance Solutions For the Everyday Fleet


Ensuring driver safety and achieving the highest compliance standards are high priorities for drivers and managers.


Paperless log management with HOS reduces errors associated with manual entry. Not to mention it simplifies audits! 

 Easy Install 

Easily Plug & Play your compatible mobile device to the Geotab IOX port. Drivers can login from vehicle to vehicle.


Hour of Service

Record electronic log books and eliminate the need for paper logs. Ensuring driver safety and achieving the highest compliance standards are high priorities for drivers and managers. HOS regulations help keep fatigued drivers off public roadways by placing limits on when and how long a driver can be on the road.


Failure to comply can result in heavy fines, loss of license, or a fleet being stripped of its operating authority. Driver Duty Status changes automatically once the driver begins to drive.

Benefits & Integration Capabilities

Utilizing the driver scorecard so the company knows who are the 'best and worst' drivers, and in what areas they need more training.

By messaging a driver from MyGeotab, Fleet Managers can ensure that drivers are practicing safe driving habits. 

Rulesets can be added or removed as regulations develop and change. 

You can easily dispatch routes and stops directly to your drivers. Drivers can update status to notify dispatchers when stops have been completed.

Compatible with both Android and iOS smartphones and tablets.

Driver Vehicle Inspection Report

Increase driver efficiency by minimizing paperwork. Generate automated reports from the app.

Digitize your pre & post trip DVIR reports. Eliminate errors and process repairs instantly.

Send repair alerts to your mechanic or servicing department, straight from the app!

IFTA Reporting

Eliminate Errors

The software will collect all data, including trip sheets, mileage tax reports, and monthly fuel data and mileage, directly from the vehicle, eliminating paperwork.

Eliminate Data Entry

Data entry can be tedious, boring, and time consuming. With IFTA software you’ll eliminate data entry all together freeing up time for more important tasks.

Save Money

IFTA is madatory, and when filled out incorrectly can result in a costly fine. By automating your IFTA reporting there is no human error meaning there will be no expensive fines.

Go Green

With automated IFTA reporting, you eliminate the need for paper entry – cutting down on costs and taking another step to being a greener company.

Eliminate Outsourcing

With automated IFTA reporting built right into a GPS solution, you eliminate the extra cost and hassle of outsourcing.

Reliable. Scalable. Secure.

Join thousands of world class clients who count on us for reliable top quality services! 

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