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Award-winning features for the every day fleet

GPS tracking and mapping

Audible Driver Alerts

Real-time audible alerts or verbal coaching for rules-based driver feedback

Tampering Detection

Device tampering/removal detection with date/time/location stamp


Unlimited customer zone importing, editing and creation, and notifications on zone entry/exit

Get seamless access to your fleet data with your comprehensive data integration and fleet analytics platform. Our platform takes the complexity out of collecting data and transforms it into useful information that businesses can act on.

In-vehicle audible alerts

Customized reports and alerts via email or SMS

Mobile app that allows supervisors to manage their fleet from their smartphone.

Driver Challenge reporting that pulls data together to denote top safety and efficiency drivers

And More!

Tried out a few systems but once I found this one I stopped looking anywhere else, it gave all the information needed and more. After I got the system, my business began to grow and the volume of our deliveries has doubled! If you spent a day on our delivery line using this system you would have it in your restaurant by tomorrow.

Jim Mercier, Franchise Owner


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