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Geotab App of the week: Covid Guardian

Features & Benefits

Map view and search Results displayed on the map with icons representing business types. Nearby Facilities filter Displays all facilitates including restaurants, shower facilities, fuel stations, etc within a predefined radius. Icons on map Click on icons directly on the map to display more information including business type, services provided, whether take out or online ordering is available, whether it's currently open or closed, and the overall hours of operation. Feedback Mechanism Drivers have the option to give feedback on the accuracy of information posted online regarding whether it's currently open or closed, and the available facilities at the location (takeout vs online order and bathroom availability). Note: Address and hours of operation is not part of this feedback mechanism. Location based COVID info update (Separate Tab) Based on the selected State and their current COVID related regulations, view business closures , social distancing guidelines, and certification updates (SDLA, CDL, expiration, etc). Benefits Driver’s can find all critical info on their route in one central app for all their work needs. Drivers can stay updated on COVID regulation changes by state. Free solution that's easy to use with an intuitive user interface. Data curated from highly trusted and verified sources including government and non-profits.



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