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Geotab App of the Week: Zone Defense - Zone Pro

Features & Benefits

Key Benefits for Managers

  • Know what really happened through video and images of captured events and bookmarked items

  • Improve driver behavior with real-time driver coaching

  • Available on all MyGeotab plans so you can choose the plan that is right for you

  • Manager can access and review event data from any connected device

  • Ability to apply gamification for improved driver performance

  • Easy reporting to see important information such as: driver statistics and comparisons, best drivers and those who might need additional training, trending of driving behaviors and more.

  • Ability to set rules for alerts, data to received, and notifications to send

  • Ability to create incoming automated alerts of events in near real-time

Key Benefits for Drivers

  • Unlike other systems, ZonePro ADAS immediately rewards drivers when they react to coach-able instructions. For example: If a driver is tailgating and receives the command "following too close" and then responds by increasing the distance between them and the vehicle in front, the event will not be reported.

  • Added set of eyes watching the road and reporting back during your drive.

  • Ability to bookmark events that are important to you

  • Simple to use interface through downloadable app that works alone or with Geotab Drive

  • Video proof of events

  • Driver score card at the end of each trip



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